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The Acid-Alkaline Balancing Act
We hear so much about a ‘Balanced Diet’. However, everyone has something different to say to define what that means. Some say it means having certain percentages of carbohydrates, proteins, fats a... Read more
Good Health is a Journey, Not a Destination
Good health is not a destination but a continuous journey. The best definition of health is “ease of flow”. When everything flows easily in your body, you have good health. As we know, sickness is... Read more
The Good News About Alkaline Water and Your Health
How does alkaline water work to extend life? If getting old and sick is a result of excess acid accumulation in our body, and alkalinity neutralizes acid, then drinking alkaline water makes sense. But... Read more
Water and Life
Water sustains all forms of life, including human life. The Chinese character “sea” consists of three parts: water, man and mother. In other words, sea is the mother of mankind. Although water is ... Read more
Acid/Alkaline Balance and the Aging Process
We live in a century of highly accelerated advancements in science and technology. At the turn of the last century, man began to fly. Today, we can even fly to the moon. Isn't it reasonable to expect ... Read more
Explaining the Science of Alkalife
One question often asked about alkaline water is, “What happens to the alkaline water once it reaches the stomach, which is highly acidic?” People who have some knowledge of the human body, includ... Read more
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