Good Health is a Journey, Not a Destination

Good health is not a destination but a continuous journey. The best definition of health is “ease of flow”. When everything flows easily in your body, you have good health. As we know, sickness is referred to as disease, i.e., “dis-ease”.

Water is a strong solvent and more than 90% of blood is water. Therefore, blood carries everything around in your body – vitamins, nutrients, minerals, waste products, dead cells, etc. As long as the blood flows smoothly throughout our bodies, we have health.

There are two things that slow down the flow of blood: acid and low temperature. Let’s examine acid.

As it is known, acid coagulates blood. Aftershave lotion is acid water with alcohol and perfume added to it. Mouthwash is acid water with mint added to it. They both stop bleeding. It is the acid that stops the bleeding. This is a life-saving property of blood to save us from bleeding to death. When there is a cut, blood comes out and meets oxygen in the air and becomes strongly acidic. When this occurs, the blood forms a scab and stops bleeding. Because of this life-saving property of blood, it gets thick, as there is an accumulation of acidic waste inside the body.

One way acid accumulates in the body is via a gradual buildup such as cholesterol in the blood vessels or fatty acids around the waist. This is typically so gradual that the body adapts with the changing condition and there is usually no pain associated with it. By the time one realizes the change, he or she is overweight. Capillaries around the waste build-up are clogged by dried blood due to acid. This is a natural chemical process.

If these build-ups are near the area where nerve endings are, there is pain associated with them and one does something about it. However, if the acid build-ups are in places where there are no nerve endings, one does not feel them and therefore does nothing about it. In this case, they will continuously grow. By the time one feels something there, it could be too late to do anything about it. That’s why health checkups and attempts at early detection are recommended.

Our recommendation is not to wait for the early detection but to prevent the accumulation of acid beforehand to begin with. Note that cancer cells are acidic while healthy cells are alkaline. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

It is generally known that the adult human body has too much acid and that something must be done to reduce acids within the body. There are three well known methods to reduce acids in the body: diet, exercise and liposuction. The most effective way, without risks, is to maintain a proper, alkaline diet and drink plenty of alkaline water.

The name of the game for better health is to help everything in the body to flow more easily. Proper pH balance will help you achieve that better flow, and alkaline water plays a highly important role.

– From the writings of Sang Whang. For more information about Alkalife products for pH balance developed by Sang Whang, please visit our homepage at